Royal Dublin appoints Clayton, DeVries & Pont for bunker study

  • Royal Dublin

    Royal Dublin has appointed Clayton, DeVries & Pont to undertake a bunker study

  • Royal Dublin

    The design team plans to renovate bunkers to a style more in-keeping with the course’s Harry Colt heritage

Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

The Royal Dublin Golf Club in Ireland has appointed Clayton, DeVries & Pont to undertake a detailed bunker study.

Frank Pont and Mike Clayton will conduct the study, focusing on their adherence to Harry Colt’s 1920 redesign (the course was originally laid out in 1889), positioning and their contribution to the overall aesthetic.

Following the study, some of the bunkers will be renovated to a style more in keeping with their heritage. The design team will also seek to restore elements of Colt’s asymmetrical design which have been lost over time.

“It is an immense privilege to have been asked to renovate this wonderful Colt course’s bunkering and a huge pleasure to be working with Mike Clayton in Ireland, the country where I spent part of my architectural apprenticeship twenty years ago,” said Pont. “Having already examined the course in some detail, I am confident that we will deliver revisions that will be more pleasing on the eye yet challenging to better golfers whilst being a little more forgiving for higher handicappers.”

The project is the first one in Europe for the Clayton, DeVries & Pont firm.

Clayton said: “I remember Royal Dublin very well from my participation in the Irish Opens that took place there whilst I was a member of the European Tour. I am delighted that this project will be my first in Europe and could not think of a better place to start working with Frank Pont as part of our wider partnership with Mike DeVries.”