RTJ II designs first course in Vietnam as part of Hoi An South development

  • Hoiana

    Hoiana Shores will be the first RTJ II project in Vietnam

  • Hoiana

    Construction of the course is part of a multi-billion-dollar development project in the region

  • Hoiana

    The course will have views of the East Vietnam Sea and Cham Islands

Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

Construction is under way on the course at Hoiana Shores Golf Club in Quang Nam Province, Vietnam, which will become the first Robert Trent Jones II layout in the country.

Located on the shores of the East Vietnam Sea, and approximately eight kilometres south of Hoi An, the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as The City of Lanterns, Hoiana Shores will be part of Hoi An South Development’s multi-billion-dollar investment in the region. The resort development, which aims to attract global visitors, stretches over four kilometres of coastline and spans 1,000 hectares. It will feature luxury hotels, entertainment outlets, residential communities and retail complexes.

The coastal holes are close to the East Vietnam Sea and have views of the Cham Islands. Following a recent visit, Robert Trent Jones, Jr. said: “This property is the most perfect canvas. Alongside the beautiful coastal terrain, we have been given the ability to shape a design befitting this special region and magnificent new destination. To have a golf course in such close proximity to such a place as Hoi An makes this extra special.”

Steve Wolstenholme, group chief operating officer of the Hoiana project, said: “To hear direct from Robert Trent Jones, Jr. on the potential of this golf course, when you consider his glittering career and the magnitude of his collection of global projects, is testament to our ambition and the prospect of Hoiana.”

Ben Styles, vice president of Hoi An South Development, said: “The decision to partner with RTJ II was centred around the ownership group’s desire for a distinct and authentic design, emblematic of where we are situated.”

The design for the windswept dunesland site emphasises fairway width options and a fun playing experience. It is also expected to incorporate a short course and multiple playing loop options.

Jones said: “We always strive to finish with a crescendo in our designs to keep people coming back. There will be few that can rival what we have created with this closing stretch, which completes a great symphony of golf.”

The golf project will employ more than 350 golf and hospitality professionals, and nurture local talent. Vietnam’s first ever Golf Operations and Maintenance College, on site at the club, will help create jobs and provides a pathway for professionals to transition to Hoiana Shores.

The club has also unveiled its new logo, which includes a flagstick with a lantern in place of the flag. “Hoi An is a powerful symbol of Vietnam’s rich heritage,” said Styles. “The lantern is an iconic feature of the city and to bring such a unique aspect to the golf development is something we felt passionately about.”