Stonebridge adds nine holes

Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

Architect Simon Gidman has completed a nine-hole addition to Stonebridge Golf Club in Coventry, England. The new nine holes, built with the aid of a large amount of landfill, will be integrated into the club's existing 18 to create a 27-hole complex.

Water comes into play on three of the new nine holes, but the overall theme of the development is links-like. The shaping is impressive, with humps and bumps in evidence both between the holes and in the line of play. Gidman has used the abundant fill to create dramatic features and some fairly striking greens.

The new holes do create a problem for the golf club, though. They are so much more interesting, visually, than the original course, that their integration into the existing routing may create surprise among golfers. Owner Roy Horton says that remodelling of the old 18 might be on the agenda in the future, but not yet. A new aqua range, which will make use of floating golf balls, has also been completed.