Tee levelling work completed at Arizona National

  • Arizona National

    Mike Gogel has completed tee levelling work at Arizona National

  • Arizona National

    The club now has greater ability to spread wear and tear over the teeing areas

Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

Golf course architect Mike Gogel has completed work on teeing areas at Arizona National Golf Club in Tucson, Arizona.

The club’s general manager, Bernie Eaton, knew of Gogel’s experience in both construction and design, having worked with him on a project at a previous club. Gogel said: “He reached out to see if I could help the club running a couple pieces of equipment, with the labour work being supplemented from golf course superintendent Rick Darby and his maintenance staff.”

The project saw 14 teeing areas on seven holes being rebuilt, having become uneven following years of sand build-up from topdressing and divot repair. “In some cases, the change in grade on the tee top was close to eight inches from the middle of the tee to the front,” said Gogel.

“On the sixth hole, we combined a two-tier tee into one level to maximise space available for Rick to place tee markers.”

Construction at the Billy Casper Golf-managed facility began on 8 July and tees were grassed by Evergreen Turf on 31 July.

Some of the excess grading material from the tee work has been used to fill in and convert two bunkers to grass depressions.

“The project went very well and there will be a noticeable difference for players in the form of level tee surfaces and for maintenance staff in being able to move tee markers around more and spread the wear and tear,” said Gogel.

“Arizona National has turned a corner here in the highly competitive Tucson golf market. The club was, like a few others in the area, on the verge of having to close but with the help of the homeowners association and the efforts of Bernie, Rick, Billy Casper and their respective staff, Arizona National should be around for many years to come.”