Termas de Rio Hondo course ready for grand opening

  • Termas de Rio Hondo

    The new Termes de Rio Hondo course is ready for its grand opening

  • Termas de Rio Hondo

    Architects RTJ II have created a wide-open design

  • Termas de Rio Hondo

    The course is located along a large wetland and negotiates natural ravines

  • Termas de Rio Hondo

    The first, tenth and eighteenth holes share a wide expanse of fairway

  • Termas de Rio Hondo

    “We wanted to design a course that attracts people to the region,” said Jones

  • Termas de Rio Hondo

    The grand opening of the course will take place on 1 June

Toby Ingleton
By Toby Ingleton

The new Termas de Rio Hondo golf course in Santiago del Estero Province in the north of Argentina is ready for its grand opening.

The course, designed by Robert Trent Jones II Golf Course Architects, is expected to play an important role in the growth of tourism in the province, alongside the Autódromo Termas de Río Hondo motorsport circuit, new Las Termas Airport and other attractions.

“We designed a golf course that will attract people to the region who will want to stay and play for several days,” said Robert Trent Jones, Jr. “We integrated the rural character of Santiago del Estero into our design with a golf course that will captivate the golfer’s eye and imagination every time he or she plays there.”

Bordered by the Rio Dulce (‘Sweet River’), the golf course is located along a large wetland/marsh habitat and negotiates natural ravines and vegetation reminiscent of arid areas of Nevada and Spain. The architects have emphasised width on the course, giving golfers room to play in the changing winds. For example, the first, tenth and eighteenth holes share a single huge expanse of fairway.

“The large, original, varied, and wide-open layout allows us to incorporate the culture of Argentina into the golf course, as well as the flora and fauna of the region,” said Jones. “The result is a golf experience reminiscent of the great Pampas of Argentina.”

The course has been designed to give the operators flexibility in how it is set up. The sixth and ninth holes can be played as either par fours or fives, and the fifteenth can play as a par three or four. The total length ranges from 5,137 to 7,510 yards. “Ribbon tees” are extensions of the fairway and make the course playable for all golfers.

“A key component to playing Termas de Rio Hondo will be to stay below the wind and use your imagination,” said Bruce Charlton, president and chief design officer for RTJ II. “The greens do not always require an aerial shot, so playing the ground game is essential. The course requires a different style of play.”

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“With the spacious design of this golf course,” Jones added, “we have created a premier venue deserving of a championship-level golf tournament.”

The golf course is planted in Paspalum grass throughout, selected for its ability to thrive on the site’s salty soil base and compatible with northern Argentina’s summer weather. The local climate invites year-round play.

The grand opening takes place on 1 June.