Tom Mackenzie completes greens renovation at Minthis in Cyprus

  • Minthis
    Minthis GC

    Tom Mackenzie has completed a greens renovation at Minthis Golf Club in Paphos, Cyprus

  • Minthis
    Minthis GC

    Greens have been expanded by 25 per cent and reshaped to offer more variety and challenge

Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

Tom Mackenzie of Mackenzie & Ebert has completed a greens renovation at Minthis Golf Club in Paphos, Cyprus.

The design firm has worked at Minthis since 2006, completing numerous projects throughout the course, including an update of the irrigation system, a new island green at the fifteenth, a new par-three thirteenth and a new par-five tenth, which has views of the Troodos mountains and plays through a valley.

The greens renovation began in 2019 and was completed in late 2020. The original clay push-up greens were rebuilt to conform to sand-based USGA specifications. Each green has been expanded by, on average, 25 per cent and they now feature 007 Creeping bentgrass. They have also been reshaped to offer more variety and challenge for golfers on and around the greens.

Mackenzie has also overseen a renovation of the course’s bunkers, including replacing sand with new material quarried from the Sahara Desert. Greenside bunkers have been reshaped for aesthetic appeal and to divert rainwater to nearby drains, where it can be stored in the course’s main reservoir.

The club continues to follow the architect’s plan to incorporate the site’s natural character as much as possible. This involves planting vineyards, local shrubs, native grasses and wildflower meadows. Out-of-play grass areas have been identified and will be left to grow naturally to protect the existing nature at the resort and to create new habitats for local wildlife.