Tripp Davis begins renovation at Ridgewood in Texas

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    Ridgewood Country Club

    Tripp Davis and his team have started renovations at Ridgewood Country Club in Waco, Texas

Alice Chambers
By Alice Chambers

Tripp Davis and his team have started a renovation of the golf course at Ridgewood Country Club in Waco, Texas, which includes reworking tees, bunkers and greens.

The layout was originally designed by Texas golf architect Ralph Plummer in 1947 on rolling and wooded land  overlooking Lake Waco.

Davis’s shaper Jason Gold is now on site with contractor Fleetwood Construction. The redesign of greens and bunkers will be inspired by the style of Ralph Plummer. Davis said: “We renovated and, in part, restored Preston Trail in Dallas 15 years ago, which is also a Plummer original, and I really appreciate his strategic approach and simple but elegant style.”

Tees will be repositioned to create a more enjoyable and interesting course for players of all abilities.

“We’re also redesigning the driving range and making significant change to hole nine,” said Davis. “The course sits on an amazing piece of land, and we will be working hard to keep the natural movement while giving the course more of a classic style and strategy to serve the members at Ridgewood for decades to come.”

Bill Horton, the club’s manager, said: “The golf course is a bit sacred to many here at Ridgewood, thus handing it over to someone else takes some trust. I have been thoroughly impressed with the detailed preparation and process that Tripp and his team have provided our club and its membership.”

Ridgewood plans to reopen the course in October 2023.