Ty Butler to renovate abandoned Texas course

  • TRA Lake Livingston Regional Public Golf Course
    Landscapes Unlimited

    The abandoned Cape Royale course in Texas will be renovated

  • TRA Lake Livingston Regional Public Golf Course
    Landscapes Unlimited

    Architect Ty Butler (right) is working alongside Landscapes Unlimited on the Trinity River Authority project

By Laura Hyde

Ty Butler of Brio Golf will work alongside construction company Landscapes Unlimited to renovate the former Cape Royale course in Coldspring, Texas, for Trinity River Authority.  

The course, which opened with nine holes in 1972 and was later extended to 18, was designed by Texas-based architect Bruce Littell. It closed in 2016 and despite attempts by local homeowners to keep it operational was eventually abandoned and became overgrown. Cape Royale featured tree-lined fairways, significant elevation change and views of Lake Livingston. 

Landscapes Unlimited’s Project Development Group is overseeing all aspects of site planning, design and engineering, permitting, contractor selection, project administration, bid processes, budget planning and construction on behalf of the Authority. 

“Landscapes Unlimited adds tremendous value to this project,” said Kevin Ward, general manager of the Trinity River Authority. “It is leveraging decades of expertise to help us mitigate potential miscues and produce an amazing golf course that will make our community proud.” 

“Think tank sessions with the Trinity River Authority team continue to be extremely productive,” said Clay Fetherbay, senior programme manager of Landscapes Unlimited’s project development group who are overseeing the construction work. “We assembled a highly experienced and talented team to reimagine the golf course on time and on budget.” 

The course, which is about an hour north of Houston, will be renamed TRA Lake Livingston Regional Public Golf Course and is scheduled to reopen for play in 2026.