Wilczynski completes 36-hole bunker project at Ohio municipal

  • Community Golf Club
    C.W. Golf Architecture

    New bunkering on the twelfth hole of the Hills course at Community Golf Club in Ohio

  • Community Golf Club
    C.W. Golf Architecture

    Chris Wilczynski’s master plan for the 36-hole facility will guide future work

Alice Chambers
By Alice Chambers

Chris Wilczynski has completed a bunker renovation project on the Hills and Dales courses at Community Golf Club in Dayton, Ohio.

The architect worked alongside construction company Topp Shape Enterprises that saw some bunkers rebuilt, some converted to grass hollows and others added, all with the aim of improving maintenance and playability on the courses.

“It’s been a wonderful experience working with the great city of Dayton and the Topp Shape team,” said Wilczynski. “What began as an extensive bunker renovation plan has led to a more comprehensive roadmap to improve all aspects of the Hills and Dales courses, and we look forward to helping the city implement additional improvements in the future.”

Bob Bajek, Community Golf Club’s superintendent, said: “The bunker renovation was a complete success for the city of Dayton’s last remaining golf facility. Chris Wilczynski’s design not only simplified daily maintenance but also aesthetically improved the entire property. We have 74 leagues currently playing Community’s 36-hole layout and the positive response has been overwhelming. Chris is a pleasure to work with and the entire staff at Community GC look forward to making additional improvements with him in the future.”