Willow Fork Country Club course undergoes bunker renovation project

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    Work at Willow Fork commenced in mid-May...

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    ...and is set to be completed in August

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    The project team is working to bring the bunkers up to modern standards

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    A new bunker liner is being added to help prevent washouts in the future

Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

A bunker renovation is now underway at the Willow Fork Country Club in Katy, Texas.

The work is being led by construction company Fusion Golf, with the firm’s Casey Jones overseeing the project. Jones is working alongside Terry Baller of Sustainable Sports Solutions to help bring the bunkering up to modern standards.

The bunkering and drainage at Willow Fork suffered severe damage in 2015 due to heavy rainfalls. A renovation project was set to commence last year but encountered a slight delay. This did mean however that the club could afford to add bunker liners during the 2017 renovation.

3D mapping technology from Ensight LLC will be used to create accurate measurements of the bunkers, which will help with budgeting and help ensure the project execution is carried out as planned.

New bunker sand is being supplied by Texas Sports Sands, while the bunkers will be lined with ZLINE Bunker Systems Highline liner kit. 

The work at Willow Fork CC commenced in mid-May, and is likely to be completed by August 2017.