Golf Course Architecture - Issue 61, July 2020

29 TEE BOX Stirling Golf Club in central Scotland, has opened its new academy, designed by Swan Golf Designs, to its membership and to the local community. The academy comprises a putting green, two short game areas, bunker practice areas and an outfield with eight purpose-built targets, which have been artificially surfaced. “Six of these targets also double up as greens for a six-hole academy course so that its use as a ‘wee’ course can be alternated with its use as a long-game academy,” said Howard Swan. “The academy presents an opportunity for the game to reach out and include, rather than to exclude, those who may not otherwise have the chance to play, as well as providing a training ground for young kids, women and beginners.” Originally scheduled for April, the academy’s opening was delayed until June because of the coronavirus pandemic, and initially play is being limited to the membership. “We are expecting that we will manage to get a public opening in September, but all dependent upon what the Scottish government decides to do about easing of the lockdown and of adjustment to the social distancing rules,” said David Morrison, chair of the club’s development group. He added: “It is very pleasing that, already, after only one month of play on the academy, the club’s junior membership numbers are burgeoning as the number of ladies during the club. It is particularly thrilling to see families playing together on the academy course and those disadvantaged having fun with their families, who may be caring for them, swinging the clubs.” Swan Golf Designs creates new academy area at Stirling Photos: Swan Golf Designs