Golf Course Architecture - Issue 61, July 2020

81 Illenis erume sitatatur maio int maxim alitiis dolor atquatium que vit exeria paritio reiuntia vellest, sequissit voluptis int, alit best to give them one. He and Nagle therefore resolved to renovate the course, using some of Ross’s best holes and greens – a sort of Donald Ross greatest hits collection – to inspire the new work. They made use of 1931 photographs of Seminole GC, combined with their own great experience of Ross’s work, to act as a guide. The hole corridors remain basically as before, but virtually everything else is new. The greens are now mostly slightly elevated using fill, with plenty of movement as was the master’s style. Along with contractor Landscapes Unlimited, Forse and Nagle oversaw the reconstruction of all eighteen The closing hole of CC of Orlando following renovation work by Forse and Nagle and, right, shortly after the course originally opened Photo: courtesy of Country Club of Orlando