Golf Course Architecture - Issue 63, January 2021

29 Preissmann redesigns nine-hole course in Germany The Moorf leet golf course in Hamburg, Germany, has reopened following a redesign project by Rainer Preissmann of Deutsche Golf Holding. The architect has created a new nine- hole executive course on the land of six of the course’s original nine holes (which Preissmann laid out in 2002), and plans for a four-hole beginner loop in place of the remaining three holes. Holes on the new course range from 86 to 328 yards – three par threes and six short par fours – for a total par of 33 and length of 2,043 yards. Players may choose to leave woods out of their bag, with the layout emphasising accuracy over power. “It can be played quickly and promises a successful experience if you concentrate on the individual holes and not play too aggressively,” said Preissmann. The project also saw the restoration of drainage and the trench system, and the club plans regular sandcapping. The irrigation system was overhauled by Dennis Brehmer of Golfplatzbau, with a Toro Lynx Central Control System installed. This was particularly helpful for grow-in: “The possibility of a precise time adjustment made a positive impression, especially when establishing the sensitive green seeds,” said Preissmann. The architect says that with biotope management and additional plantings, the golf course “presents itself as a landscape which recalls the tradition of English landscape parks”. Read more about Moorf leet, where the original construction involved making contaminated material safe, at TEE BOX Photo: Facebook/Redgolfhamburg Photo: Gullane Golf Club Gullane Golf Club in Scotland has opened a new short game facility designed by James Edwards. The practice area sits on three acres including the former eighteenth green of the club’s No. 3 course. That hole has now been converted into a 179-yard par three. Edwards designed a large green with five pinnable areas, and surrounds with designated hitting areas, and three bunkers with Durabunker edging. “These facilities will help to grow the game of golf, encourage participation at this world-class venue and help to safeguard the future engagement of all levels of golf at Gullane for many years to come,” said Edwards. Gullane opens new short game facility Photo: Lemon Bay Golf Club Lemon Bay Golf Club in Florida has appointed Drew Rogers to develop a master plan of golf course renovations. The first phase of Rogers’ plan focuses on renovating greens, bunkers and irrigation. “Our vision is to take those elements to another level, using what the site inherently provides, along with an overall cleaner presentation of the landscape and preservation of habitat,” said Rogers. Drew Rogers develops Lemon Bay plan