Golf Course Architecture - Issue 65, July 2021

22 The seventeenth hole at Hollywood Golf Club in New Jersey, photographed by Jon Cavalier of LinksGems, has been restored by Brian Schneider of Renaissance Golf Design. Schneider has been working with the club since 2013 to restore Walter Travis’ 1918 design. A special focus was given to the seventeenth, which was completely rebuilt from tee to green in 1998. “Our goal for this project, and for all our work, has been to restore a wonderful Travis design as fully and precisely as possible,” said Schneider. “The original seventeenth was a remarkable hole, and its 1998 reconstruction was a great loss. The course is finally ‘whole’ again. “The restored version is a monster, over 240 yards from the back tees to one of the largest greens on the course. TEE BOX THE B IG P I CTURE