Golf Course Architecture - Issue 66, October 2021

18 TEE BOX THE B IG P I CTURE The seventeenth hole of the recently opened Match course at PGA National Resort in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, photographed by Evan Schiller. Built on the site of the former Squire course, the 18-hole Match layout – designed by Andy Staples – plays from 3,447 yards to 5,841 and is set up for match play scenarios as well as other non- stroke play formats. “The seventeenth hole was based on the general design philosophy of Seth Raynor and CB Macdonald’s template ‘Narrows’,” said Staples. “I’ve enjoyed experiencing the strategy of this hole and chose to incorporate features that exemplify why I like it. First, this is a fairly narrow area on the course, so a series of slopes, grass faces, and one sand bunker form a crossing hazard that ‘narrows’ the landing area and places a premium on an accurate drive into this par four. Second, a grass slope and hollow approximately 50 yards short of the green create a visual deception, disrupting a clear view in to the green, most dramatically from the right side of the fairway. “The green is set up to receive a running shot from the right and features a strong slope that bisects the green surface, creating a series of interesting pin locations. As with many greens on the Match course, playing short of the pin is desirable, as the seventeenth drops sharply off the back into two deep bunkers.” Photo: Evan Schiller