Golf Course Architecture - Issue 66, October 2021

21 change, drainage will be improved at the same time.” Van der Vaart’s plan also includes some relocation of teeing areas and potentially changing a par three into a short par four. “The facelift makes Amelisweerd more robust and beautiful, but also more nature-friendly than it already was,” said van der Vaart. “The course is located next to the Nature Reserve Amelisweerd and the club treats the landscape responsibly, which is underlined by its sustainability certificate awarded by GEO Foundation in 2018. The nature reserve is home to animals such as badgers, martens and birds of prey, as well as many rare orchids. Those rare orchids and special animal and plant species are also present on the golf course. “Thanks to the course adjustments and the modified management, the golf course will become even more attractive as a ‘stepping stone’ for the large variety of animals and plants.” Photo: Spogard & VanderVaart Van der Vaart has introduced a rougher and more natural bunker style at Amelisweerd Glen View Club in Illinois, USA, has completed a renovation of its cart paths. Over the last five years, the club has made numerous course updates, including adjusting fairway grassing lines, green expansions, the addition of lost bunkers, and the reconfiguration of teeing grounds. “The aim has been to improve our member and guest experience through providing firmer playing surfaces which highlight our unique property and the original architect’s intent,” said Brian Moore, Glen View’s superintendent. “It soon became glaringly obvious that our paths have become eyesores and in need of repair. They were constructed from limestone screenings and their light colour made them stand out ever further. It was a very mobile product, which would washout from rain, loud to drive on and dusty when it was dry.” To address cart path issues, the club turned to Kafka Granite and its patented wax polymer coated path material. The club began removing the old paths, reconfiguring locations and installing a new base material in late autumn 2020 and completed work before winter. Kafka’s path material was then installed in spring 2021, along with sodded edges, to complete the project. “The paths have held up well through the first season, they look great and there are no washouts, no dust and they are quiet,” said Moore. “They blend in with their surrounds and have helped to tie-in and complement all the other work we’ve done on the course.” Glen View Club completes path project Photo: Kafka Granite