Golf Course Architecture - Issue 66, October 2021

27 also assisted on the project by course superintendent Kyle Moses. “There is a lot of interesting and fun golf packed into about a twelve-acre area. I was able to take advantage of some of the more interesting site attributes to create these specific holes, which allows the individual character of the holes to really come out.” The course will be walkable, playable in 90 minutes, and for many will only require a few clubs. “One hole that is a personal highlight is the Golden Bell, which will be sufficiently challenging with its shallow green,” said Schaupeter. “It’s only about 70 yards long, so half the distance of the original, but only a couple of paces shallower on the green. I think players will get a fun sense of what it’s like to try and hit that target. We don’t have a creek in front, just a low hollow of deep rough, so at least the penalty stroke for hitting into the creek won’t be applied here. “I also like my Postage Stamp hole. The juxtaposition of the Postage Stamp and the Golden Bell greens are what I like overall about the result. Their presentation and challenge are completely different. The green is very narrow, but relatively deep, while Golden Bell’s is very shallow and quite wide. Each hole has a distinct character from the rest, so it will be a very interesting and engaging nine holes to play, with no two holes being remotely similar.” The Tower Tee facility also includes a nine-hole putting course, a driving range, 15,000-square-foot practice green and a two-acre short game area. “The two greens at the short game practice area will provide every type of situational practice that a player would want within 30 to 35 yards from both fairway and rough lies,” said Schaupeter. “I’ve also created an adjacent chipping range with two sets of small targets positioned on exact yardages so players can work on swing mechanics and swing lengths to dial in a precise feel for various distances from 15 to 75 yards.” Image: Art Schaupeter