Golf Course Architecture - Issue 67, January 2022

40 TEE BOX Tripp Davis begins transformation of Atlanta Athletic Club’s Riverside course Tripp Davis has started work on the renovation of the Riverside course at Atlanta Athletic Club in Georgia. The project aims to update the course infrastructure and reimagine how to use the land in the best way possible. It includes work on tees, bunkers and greens, a new irrigation system, sandcapping and the subsurface drainage of fairways, enhancing surface and subsurface drainage across the course, installing new turf, and adding some new cart paths. “We are taking advantage of the fact that everything is being rebuilt as new to move the strategic elements of the course – tees, bunkers, fairways, greens – to create a more strategically interesting golf course that will be very fun to play for the entire membership, while being f lexible enough in set-up to be as challenging as they want,” said Davis. “One of our objectives is improving the f low of the course. The current first hole is a par five, with the third being a shorter par five that is too tough for the average player due to a lake forcing a long carry to the green. This is currently followed by two mid-length par fours that don’t fit the land well. We are going to change things around to make the new third a short par three that sits in the landscape better, followed by a nice par four that plays to a new green location sitting right by the Chattahoochee River, with the new fifth being a mid-length par five that winds through the trees and rolling Davis’s sketch of the seventeenth, where the green will be redesigned to better fit the flow of the land Image: Tripp Davis