Golf Course Architecture - Issue 69, July 2022

24 TEE BOX THE B IG P I CTURE The fourteenth (foreground) and seventh greens at Cherry Hills Country Club in Denver, Colorado, photographed by Brian Walters. A project completed over the last 14 years by Renaissance Golf Design has included the restoration of many features that were part of William Flynn’s original design. Strategic bunker work has been undertaken on several holes, including those pictured, which have also had their greens restored closer to their original forms. “The recent phase that we have just completed focused on restoring Little Dry Creek, which winds through the inward nine, undoing the engineered ‘channelling’ favoured by f lood control districts of that era,” said Eric Iverson, project lead for Renaissance. “Today, a more natural presentation is preferred, providing greater capacity, less erosion and greatly improved wildlife habitat. It just so happens that the golf is vastly improved as well.” The creek has been returned to its original orientation closer to the greens on holes seven, fourteen and fifteen as well as the sixteenth’s fairway. By doing this, many of Flynn’s strategic shot values have been reinstated. Read more about both Renaissance’s restoration of Cherry Hills on