Golf Course Architecture - Issue 69, July 2022

INS IGHT This year marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Frederick Law Olmsted and the 150th of Donald Ross and celebrations of the two are planned in tony locations such as Boston, Brookline and Pinehurst. While their concepts of design and open space coalesce in various ways, there are not many examples where they and their associates worked on the same site. One, however, is Cohasse Country Club in Massachusetts. Cohasse is a private club located two miles south of Southbridge, a town known as the ‘Eye of the Commonwealth’ for its association Let us now praise famous men Mark Wagner considers whether the anniversaries of the births of Donald Ross and Frederick Law Olmsted will reignite a discussion about civic investments and a return to golf ’s democratic roots and values MARK WAGNER 52 Golfers playing Cohasse’s Ross course in 1918, the year it opened Photo: Cohasse Country Club