Golf Course Architecture - Issue 70, October 2022

23 TEE BOX system, which has been designed by Mike Kuhn Associates. “So, essentially we did the entire golf course,” said DeVries. Some more complex tasks are being considered for the future, including on the ninth tee, which is being compromised by a pond. “It was an old creek that was made a pond sometime in the 1920s or 30s,” said DeVries. “There’s a barrier wall on the tee that’s failing and needs to be worked on, but it is complex – when you’re dealing with water, it is always a challenge. “The eighth is a big par five in the lowest part of the property and the pond is adjacent to it… there’s a lot of water there now. We’ve had a look at replacing the drainage, but the old tile drainage is working really well. The opportunity to restore the creek and create a dual fairway is there, but from a timing standpoint, it wasn’t going to happen due to the complexity. That may happen in future. “We’re also analysing the potential of some modifications to the new parthree third green. The hole stretches 265 yards and it’s right on the property boundary and there are some failing trees there, too. We’re trying to figure out the best solution for that area.” Feedback from members to the changes has been positive with Bloomfield Hills now having a full membership and a multi-year waiting list for golfers wanting to join. A notable change has been a surge in demand for junior memberships, for which the club has a waiting list for the first time. “We were fortunate enough to have old photos of the golf course dating back to the first years following Colt’s work,” said the club’s green chairman and incoming president, Geoff Piceu. “It is amazing just how much the golf course had been tweaked and changed over a century. And it is breathtaking to see the property returned to its original state of undulating waves of land, unimpeded by trees and seemingly needless or misplaced impediments. “In addition to being an exceptional restoration of Harry Colt’s original work, the course is far more attractive and fun to play. One objective of the project was that the course become more challenging for the expert and more forgiving for the novice. We were very pleased that the USGA ratings of our golf course from its four different tees ultimately affirmed that this objective was achieved. One USGA rater said, ‘Congratulations’ before beginning their initial tour, to which I replied, ‘Thank you… but for what?’. They said, ‘We have already determined that this is the bestlooking opening hole in your region.’” Photo: Lukas Michel/CDP Bunkers have been renovated to a Colt style, as seen at the fourteenth