Golf Course Architecture - Issue 70, October 2022

25 Soluptatis ea ilignie nducid modi odi dolum vendem esciant harumenetUptatia vidit etur, optatem porion et queitius erundae rsperum quostrum que audigenisci si recus Photo: Vaughn Halyard green, attributes that are common throughout the course. “We believe that the total amount of earthmoving to build the course was in the region of two million cubic yards,” says principal Rob Collins. “That is an enormous volume, but it was necessary to create a walkable, playable course on terrain of this severity, traversing as it does the towering Loess Hills of eastern Nebraska. I believe it will be something that golfers have never seen the like of before.” The 580-acre site is almost four times larger than the average 18-hole course. Landmand can play to 7,200 yards and has 84 acres of maintained turf, four acres of bunkering and over six acres of green surface.