Golf Course Architecture - Issue 70, October 2022

53 hang up their own shingle, but as he himself notes, staying as part of the mothership has not been a bad gig for the last twenty years, and, especially given the ups and downs of the golf design industry, who’s to say how they would have done on their own? But now, Doak is rethinking his model. Recently turned sixty, he is keen to reduce his fearsome travel schedule – the enforced reduction in travel during the Covid pandemic proved to him that it could be done. And his current project with regular client Mike Keiser, the construction of a course based on CB Macdonald’s lost Lido course, on a site near the Sand Valley resort in Wisconsin, has showed him that other ways exist to get what he wants. Doak’s Sedge Valley course at the Sand Valley Golf Resort is on track to open in 2024 Photo: Brandon Carter Photo: Doug White