Golf Course Architecture - Issue 73, July 2023

22 Todd Quitno has completed the first phase of renovation work at Westmoor Country Club near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The architect completed a project at Westmoor in 2008 while an associate with Lohmann Golf Designs, creating deep, grass-faced bunkers inspired by William Langford’s renovation of the course in 1957. But Quitno said this work “diverged on style by including more noses and fingers.” He added: “Our goal back then was to bring in the bold angles and elevated greens of Langford to the rest of the course, where possible, and to an extent I think we did. However, the styling, specifically in the bunkering, was a deviation from what characterises Langford’s work.” In 2020, the club asked Quitno to develop plans to renovate bunkers and greens. His goal was a simpler presentation of bunkers, making them easier to maintain, and restoring the Langford style. The first phase of the project focused on 10 greens and their bunkers. “The major focus with the bunkers was to take the long fingers and bulkiness out that characterised the style we implemented back in 2008,” said Quitno. “By doing this, it has provided a much cleaner, simpler look and there is considerably less hand mowing work on the grass faces. Removing the excessive bulk from behind greens in several locations has also allowed the opportunity to expand putting surfaces to capture edges, add pinning areas, and clean up a few awkward tie-ins. The aesthetics are much improved simply by the elimination of clutter and bulk. In turn, the added pinning areas, via expansions and slope adjustments, allow for greater variety.” Future changes will cover fairway bunkers and practice facilities. Image: Quitno Golf Design Todd Quitno strives for simplicity on Westmoor return TEE BOX