Golf Course Architecture - Issue 73, July 2023

70 Photo: Cabot Citrus Farms REPORT The former World Woods Golf Club in Brooksville, Florida, is now in the midst of transformation following its acquisition by developer Cabot in January 2022. Kyle Franz is redesigning both the Pine Barrens and Rolling Oaks courses (which will become Cabot Barrens and Cabot Oaks), collaborating with architect Mike Nuzzo and advisor Ran Morrissett on the latter. Meanwhile, Nuzzo is well under way with The 21, 105 acres that will be home to a 10-hole course of almost 3,000 yards and an 11-hole par-three layout. There is about 50 feet of elevation change across The 21’s sandy site – almost 10 feet deep in places. “The site had two prominent hilltop features,” says Nuzzo. “The second, third and sixth greens on ‘The Ten’ all surround the southern hill. The tenth hole and the par-three course, ‘The Ace’, use the hill closest to the clubhouse. That hilltop was previously used as a starting point for both the old practice holes and executive course – it was mostly a giant tee complex. We use it now more as a crescendo for both courses. “The site was small and squarish, which isn’t traditionally best for routing traditional length holes, but because we had no constraints, we were able to use the shorter perimeter dimensions by fitting more ‘half-par’ holes on The Ten. It will be an ideal walking golf course for those that normally play about 3,000 yards. It gives them a chance to walk the entire course and not have to walk past tees several times per round. There are five holes that would be considered par 3.5. Two short one-shot holes and a long three-shot hole.” Cabot hits jackpot in Florida A large waste area will lie between tees and green on the fifth hole of par-three course The Ace Two new layouts by Mike Nuzzo are in construction at Cabot Citrus Farms.