Golf Course Architecture - Issue 74, October 2023

37 Photo: credit Hunter helps Formby with water savings Formby Ladies Golf Club near Liverpool, England, is realising the benefits of its new Hunter irrigation system. The project to install Hunter GT885 fairway sprinklers and the Pilot CCS central control operating system was completed between January and March 2023. “This was the culmination of a five-year project to future-proof the club’s irrigation infrastructure and water security,” said course manager Rob Sandilands. The club had undertaken consultations and audits as well as establish an irrigation sub-committee and concluded that it needed to expand its irrigation system to include fairways and walkways. “We immediately entered a very dry period in spring and early summer once the system had been installed, meaning it was necessary to use it in earnest straight away, which we were able to do and give irrigation coverage to areas that would otherwise have been lost to drought,” said Sandilands. “We can also water in products like wetting agents at times that suit us, rather than being tied to the times when rain was forecast. “Members and staff have already noticed a significant improvement of the fairways due to the Hunter GT885 rotors consistency and distribution of uniformity, and the fairways will only keep improving as the new system gives us total control of playing surfaces.” Photo: Hunter Industries or rescue club in front of the tight fairway bunkers for an easy pitch into the green. “At the first landing area on the new seventeenth [old ninth], the righthand approach bunker appears to block access to the diagonal green. However, once closer, players will see there is plenty of space behind the approach bunker on the right. “And the new eighteenth has comically been dubbed ‘the world’s first dogleg par three’ with a long iron off the tee needing perfect placement to land on the small, undulating green. Less confident players can lay up on the fairway meandering round the new pond.” Photo: IDG