Golf Course Architecture - Issue 74, October 2023

71 “The club can now spread the wear on greens of this busy course. Aesthetically, the greens should look quite similar from a distance, and I would say that many golfers may not feel the subtle changes to the green contours. But what will be different is the variety of pin positions and strategies available. “Working on Arana’s last design has been a pleasure and joy. Studying his other courses and greens philosophies – some inspired by his early mentor Tom Simpson – highlighted the need to look at the collection of Aloha greens holistically whilst still respecting the original intent with the tilts, plateaus and separations. “Studying original course layout photography, visiting other Arana courses, and studying Alfonso Erhardt’s complete book on Arana assisted in determining the decision making. On a few greens we found the original perimeter when we started to clean out the old rootzone mix. On greens seven and ten this was particularly noticeable, and we restored the perimeter edge and multiple pin positions as part of the reconstruction process.” Surtec assisted the club in the selection process of the golf course architect, as well as planning, agronomic awareness and a continuous on-site presence. The contractor, led by Conor Walsh, was selected following its success at the nearby Comporta Dunas (read more in GCA July 2023), and completed the reconstruction of greens on time and in budget. “Conor and his team brought a fantastic can-do attitude,” says Lobb. “He staffed the project with some of the most qualified and passionate people in the construction industry, with experienced David Minogue as the daily construction manager.” “ What will be different is the variety of pin positions and strategies available” The CJW Golf team rebuilt all greens on time and in budget REPORT Photo: Aloha Golf Club