Golf Course Architecture - Issue 75, January 2024

King-Collins has been hired to design a new golf course on a dramatic site in the Sandhills of South Carolina. The invitation-only, private 21 Golf Club will be built 15 miles from the city of Aiken on a rumpled landscape where sand dunes reach more than 150 feet high. There will be two courses, one designed by King-Collins, and a second that is at the planning stage. “The topography and boldness of the land is unrivalled in the region,” said Tad King. “We are beyond excited to deliver bold, fun golf for Americans and others abroad to enjoy for many decades to come.” Rob Collins said: “Nearly two years ago, owner Wes Farrell, Tad and I toured a number of sites across the southeast. Some were better than others, but nothing exceptional. Towards the end of a long day of fruitless exploration, we found ourselves on a rural road in Jackson, South Carolina. As Wes’s car climbed a hill, it was impossible not to notice the sand spilling onto the road. Once on top of the hill, we gazed out on an impossibly 11 Image: Harris Kalinka A visualisation of the striking King-Collins design for the new 21 Golf Club near Aiken, South Carolina