Golf Course Architecture - Issue 75, January 2024

15 Photo: All Golf Services Vijit Nandrajog of Golf Design India has completed a renovation of the golf course at Rambagh Golf Club in Jaipur, India. “In the initial phase, our focus centred on revitalising 11 holes,” said Nandrajog. “The enhancements comprised a complete redesign of green complexes, new bunkering and new tees. Our team also implemented modifications and extended the irrigation system for those 11 holes as well. “Given the course’s historical significance and its relatively shorter length by contemporary standards, our renovation prioritised accuracy over sheer length. Our commitment to offering golfers compact targets for their approach shots remains unwavering, even with the increased size of the greens.” GDI has elevated some greens to accentuate the demand for accuracy and skill, reinforcing the character of the golf course. “We deliberately eschew indiscriminate modernisation, opting instead to safeguard and enhance the fundamental qualities that define the course’s identity,” said Nandrajog. Unnecessary bunkers have been eliminated and relocated around green complexes, swales and runoffs around greens have been incorporated, and water has been added to make the parthree sixteenth more challenging. Karolinka extends course to 18 holes Karolinka Golf Park in Poland has completed a project to extend its course from nine to 18 holes, with course designer Grzegorz Marcinków and construction firm All Golf Services. “Our mission was not merely to construct the next nine holes at Karolinka, but to do so without disrupting the fauna and flora of the area,” said Lukasz Szadny of All Golf Services. “We aimed to fashion a parkland-style course that harmonises with the natural terrain, thus creating a stunning layout seamlessly integrated into its surroundings. Each hole should unfold as a unique adventure.” The project included the installation of a Rain Bird IC System for irrigation management and sustainable water usage. Golf Design India preserves course identity at Rambagh Photo: Golf Design India Karolinka’s second nine has been designed to sit in harmony with the natural terrain