Golf Course Architecture - Issue 75, January 2024

27 Image: Tyler Rae Two existing greens have been removed and replaced with a Redan-style green similar to the second at Culver Academies Greenside bunkers at the restored fifth green – based on the sixth at Lawsonia Links – have been replaced with falloffs for more short-game options The project used a GPS scanner to recreate the original ninth green at Wakonda. The greenside bunkering has also been restored The ridge between the eleventh and fifteenth has been cleared to bring the dual bunker back into play Tee shots at the sixteenth that flirt with the creek will leave the best angle for hole locations on the right of the green, while drives to the right of the fairway will leave a blind second over the restored cross bunkers The seventeenth is inspired by West Bend’s ninth hole Rae has widened the approach to bring back the original ground game intent and recaptured lost hole locations on the green