Golf Course Architecture - Issue 75, January 2024

29 Chippenham completes bunker project Chippenham Golf Club in Wiltshire, England, has completed a bunker renovation and greens complex remodelling project, alongside bunker construction specialists Durabunker and architect Stuart Rennie, now of Pangaea Golf Architecture. “Durabunker had executed three phases prior to the 2023 project, all of which received widespread praise from the membership,” said Chippenham’s course manager Chris Sealey. “The bunkers they have produced have performed magnificently in the most extreme conditions.” The latest phase has involved renovating greenside bunkers – with Durabunker’s rubber crumb liner and synthetic edging – on three holes, and the redesign of the fourth and sixth green complexes. “There were issues with water retention, mainly due to the landscape surrounding the fourth green,” said Rhydian Lewis, owner at Durabunker. “There was also the added complication of an out-of-bounds fence and hedge coming within eight metres of the left side of the green. With the ground cambering from right to left, it was causing significant issues for golfers, particularly in the summer when the ground is firm and running. Shots that were landing in line with the green or even on the left side of the putting surface were sometimes finishing beyond the out-of-bounds line. With the additional complexity of this area and the remodelling of the sixth green, it was clear the involvement of an architect would enhance the chances of a successful outcome.” “Stuart’s vision and ideas resonated with us,” said Sealey. “We liked his hands-on approach and the synergy with Durabunker. The results have been beyond our expectations!” Rennie adds: “The project from start to finish worked out as planned.” Photo: Bill Davidson Drew Rogers has reshaped bunkers to bring them closer in style to when the course first opened in 1963 The Country Club of Naples in Florida has reopened for play following a six-month renovation by JDR Golf Design. The private course was designed by William Diddel in 1963. “Diddel fashioned a layout that is user-friendly and enjoyable,” said Drew Rogers of JDR Golf Design. “Revisions have been few, with some done over the years to address the ever-evolving game and to keep the course properly updated. “In 2020 we were asked to develop a plan for the practice facilities. Our plan had substantial impacts to adjacent holes that made the club reconsider their path. They decided to renovate their course along with the practice area.” Work has included reworking greens with classic contours, new tees, reshaping bunkers, regrassing, new irrigation, thinning vegetation and better connecting turf between holes. “The result is a new course with an ‘old Florida’ character that made it distinctive in the 1960s,” said Rogers. “With the classic lines and treatments, it may look older than that!” Rogers brings ‘old Florida’ feel back to CC of Naples TEE BOX Photo: Durabunker