Golf Course Architecture - Issue 75, January 2024

71 regrassed, replacing poorer soils with sand – we did it right even though we had very little money.” Their timing was good too, with most of the materials purchased before the postCovid spiral in costs. The putting surfaces now sit more at grade than Maples’ original design, and are open at the front. “We have oriented the greens to hold shots a little better,” says Swanson. “Some of the old greens ran away from you. And for holes with longer approach shots, we built those greens a little deeper.” “It will play like an old-style, classic golf course,” says Jones. “We took a minimalistic approach to the layout, largely preserving the original Ellis Maples routing and allowing the holes to fit the land. The trees have matured over the years, giving the layout the character of an older course.” Photo: Dustin Gilder From left, architects Bryce Swanson and Rees Jones with construction foreman Clyde Hall, on site at Wellman Photo: Rees Jones, Inc.