Golf Course Architecture - Issue 75, January 2024

74 REPORT A new Brian Curley golf course is under construction in Kediri in Indonesia’s East Java province. The 27-hole Dhoho Golf Club course will be part of luxury golf destination Surya Dhoho, developed by Susilo Wonowidjojo, president of cigarette manufacturer Gudang Garam, and being built in the foothills of the Gunung Liman mountains. The development is near Dhoho Kediri International Airport, which is in the final stages of construction. The golf course site features three prominent ridges and a network of low flow streams that will be incorporated as both visual and strategic features of Curley’s design. Initial work has unearthed substantial boulders, which Curley is integrating into the stream designs and landscape. “We are excited about the potential of the property,” says Curley. “We have the perfect amount of elevation New layout brewing in Java Image: Schmidt-Curley Design Brian Curley’s sketch for the closing hole at his new Dhoho course in Indonesia Construction of a luxury golf destination, featuring a 27-hole design by Brian Curley, is under way in Indonesia.