Golf Course Architecture - Issue 75, January 2024

92 HOLING OUT Photo: credit Operators of nine-hole courses often try to provide an 18-hole experience by offering a second loop. Some seek differentiation for this second nine by adding an alternative set of tees. The new T36 at Baytown course in southeastern Texas goes one step further. Described as a “double-loop” 18-hole golf course when it opened in late 2023, the layout offers not just a second set of tees, but also a second green on all but one of the holes. The course is built on less than 65 acres of what was previously Evergreen Point Golf Course and was conceived by developers Rio Valeriano and David Hinkle and golf course architect Ric Buckton. “Our mission at T36 is three-fold – provide a place where neighbours can gather and enjoy a sense of community, introduce the game of golf to a wider and more diverse audience, and evolve to meet the needs of the modern golfer,” said Hinkle. Buckton’s design has nine holes, eight of which have two greens, and one – the par-three sixth – with a wide double green with two distinctly different areas. This approach maximises variety on the small site and uses around 40 per cent less water than a traditional 18-hole golf course. With four parthrees, three par-fours and two-par fives on each nine, the eighteen-hole layout plays to a par of 68. “Baytown’s support for our golf course development marks a pivotal moment for the community, and I’m excited to be part of the modern golf movement,” said Valeriano. “T36 offers opportunities for a wider range of golfers, beyond just the core golf experience. Whether it’s a traditional 18-hole round, a quick nine, or a short course experience, T36 offers a versatile solution for all golf enthusiasts. By condensing existing courses and providing not just 18, but 36 holes of golf, we’re not only enhancing the golf experience but also freeing up valuable real estate for other uses. The T36 project is a true gamechanger, offering something unique and exciting for everyone.” Loop the loop New nine designed to offer a distinctly different repeat play.