Golf Course Architecture - Green Pages 2021

15 new, wall-to-wall irrigation to increase efficiency and effectiveness of watering. Our company is an industry leader that is revolutionising the irrigation business with its high- density polyethylene (HDPE) high-performance proprietary piping system called AquaFuse. A line of heat-fused components provides a zero-leakage rate with no breaks. The leaks at the South course were reducing profits not only due to water costs but for the ongoing labour costs to fix them. And when the golf course is not being watered properly, the conditions suffer. Now, Torrey Pines is protected with a 25-year warranty for its newly installed AquaFuse piping systems, which has a service life of more than 100 years. Tom Works, vice president of the irrigation division at Landscapes Unlimited, said: “Throughout the pre- planning, design, submittal process, and installation of the system, CMF Global assisted with product knowledge and applications as well as HDPE training called AquaFUSION. We have received rave reviews from the client. CMF Global preaches ‘clean and pristine’ throughout training… this is an excellent description of the finished AquaFuse HDPE irrigation installation at the Torrey Pines South course.” Our AquaFuse piping system is a world-class green piping system and it qualifies for leadership in energy and environmental design (LEED) credits, indicating its strong emphasis on sustainability. We aim to supply AquaFuse brand of piping systems for golf courses around the world that need to improve their overall performances. Many AquaFuse projects and installations are to replace all the rusting metal components on the golf course that are wasting precious water. AquaFuse stops the leaks, conserves water, saves expenses, and improves the golf course’s playability. For more on AquaFuse by CMF Global , turn to page 29 or visit Photo: Stephen P. Crane