Golf Course Architecture - Green Pages 2021

9 produced by our InfraCore manufacturers and are delivered worldwide. Due to their light weight, they can be transported quickly and easily, possibly also stacked for larger numbers. Only a light foundation is required, maybe even none at all. When replacing an outdated bridge, the existing foundations are sufficient and in many cases maintenance-sensitive intermediate supports can be removed. With just a light crane the bridge can be installed by us, or by your own team. The bridge is ready for use in minutes, without causing damage to the precious golf course and with minimal disruption to the environment and players. You can find our bridges on golf courses all over the world, from Dubai to the United States, Europe to Australia. With their sleek, elegant appearance, InfraCore Golf Bridges can adorn any golf course. They truly complement the golf course architecture without being overpowering. The bridges can be designed and delivered in any desired appearance, in any colour and desired wear layer. Size and shape are no obstacles; almost anything is possible thanks to the flexibility of composite. Our bridges’ special wear layer makes them non- slip, forever. And that of course benefits safety for members, visitors and the greenkeeping team. The bridges are strong enough to carry service vehicles, but we can make bridges for the heaviest traffic, if that is desired. For more on InfraCore Golf Bridges , turn to page 45 or visit