Golf Course Architecture - Green Pages 2024

RICHARD HUMPHREYS The surge in golf course projects that we referenced in the introduction to last year’s edition of GCA Green Pages is now clearly visible on the ground. A host of new projects have been completed, from long-awaited repair and replacement work to comprehensive renovations and entirely new courses. Over the following pages we have included a series of articles that highlight some of those projects that were completed during 2023 – including Druids Glen in Ireland, The Wisley and Ingestre Park in the UK, SouthShore in USA and Point Hardy in Saint Lucia. The experiences of these past few years have emphasised to golf clubs and developers the importance of planning. Often a major hurdle is identifying the businesses – architects, contractors, irrigation firms, bunker specialists and other suppliers – who can best support a specific project, and engaging with them sufficiently in advance to secure their availability when work gets the green light. The Supplier Directory section of GCA Green Pages – available here in print and online at – is designed to help you in that crucial aspect of planning. There is a list of suppliers organised by type of service on page 19, following by company descriptions and contact details beginning on page 23. I hope you find this guide an informative and valuable resource, and wish you all the best for your golf projects in 2024 and beyond. Planning for success WELCOME 1