Golf Course Architecture - Green Pages 2024

15 ATLAS TURF INTERNATIONAL/PURE SEED Photo: Michael Marcellin Cabot Saint Lucia has opened a new Coore & Crenshaw design, at Point Hardy Golf Club on the northern tip of the Caribbean island. The course is built along one-and-a-half miles of coastline, featuring a sequence of clifftop oceanside holes. The rocky nature of the site necessitated sandcapping, but shipping sand to the island would have been too expensive, so the playing surfaces were formed from a volcanic pumice sand sourced from the island. Unfortunately, this sand has poor drainage characteristics, so it was essential to carefully plan surface drainage and use the right grass. Coore and Crenshaw worked with Damon Di Giorgio, director of agronomy at Cabot Saint Lucia, and selected Pure Dynasty seeded seashore paspalum, which was developed by Pure-Seed Testing and supplied by Atlas Turf and Pure Seed. “Paspalum was a natural choice because of the course’s proximity to the sea, the salt spray and the natural build-up of salts in the soil,” said Coore. Pure Dynasty is available as a seeded product, which is also a crucial factor as Saint Lucia prohibits the importation of vegetative material, making sprigging or sodding impossible. “Atlas Turf and Pure Seed are proud to have Pure Dynasty featured on this phenomenal golf course,” said John Holmes, president of Atlas Turf International. “Where else could the extreme salt tolerance, versatile playability and resistance to heat and disease of one turfgrass be challenged so magnificently?” The grass is used over the entire course, including the greens, a decision which Di Giorgio says is working out well. “Ben Crenshaw, one of the greatest putters ever to play, told me the greens were rolling well, which was a nice compliment,” he said. For more on Atlas Turf International and Pure Seed, turn to pages 27 and 50, or visit and Adjust to the surroundings Atlas Turf International and Pure Seed’s Pure Dynasty paspalum meets the standards for new Coore & Crenshaw course on Saint Lucia. Nine holes on the Point Hardy course play directly on the rocky cliffs of Saint Lucia