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54 COMPANIES A-Z SOX Erosion Solutions 950 Peninsula Corp Cir #3010 Boca Raton FL 33487 USA Contact: Casey Cittadino Tel: +1 561 501 0057 SOX Erosion Solutions designs, manufactures and distributes bioengineered erosion control systems. These solutions effectively protect, preserve, and restore shoreline and hillside erosion while promoting vegetation growth. SOX systems are constructed with ‘RipStop’ technology and built-in anchoring system which are lightweight and designed to provide a resilient solution. The company provides comprehensive education to clients on specifying, bidding, selling and installing SOX’s ‘living shoreline’ erosion control systems and perimeter control devices. DredgeSOX and ShoreSOX both feature a double layer of knitted polyethylene mesh filled with dredged sediment, creating an immediately solid and secure living shoreline. Both systems are quick to install and have little to no impact on surrounding property, making them the preferred method for projects involving lakes and other water bodies. EvoGuard is a protective barrier that prevents and repairs erosion, retains sediment, regulates waterflow, and serves as a containment barrier against various land encroachment threats such as mudslides, debris flow and windblown sand. Spogárd & VanderVaart Golf Course Architects Driehoekslaan 23 3601HN – Maarssen Netherlands Contact: Philip Spogárd, Principal Golf Course Architect Tel: +45 53 65 31 30 Comprising of Philip Spogárd and Michiel van der Vaart, Spogárd & VanderVaart Golf Course Architects believes in designing word class golf courses, which are as challenging and fun to play as they are memorable and beautiful. The company values teamwork, where the exchange of knowledge and expertise helps exceed even the highest of ambitions. When designing golf courses, the duo allows the land to dictate the layout and that they shouldn’t move mountains in order to create. “We believe that each site is unique and should be approached so that the use of the natural topography and native vegetation helps the course exist in harmony with its surroundings,” says Spogárd. The design firm incorporates new technology to help create golf courses that look as established as the best from the past and that their product is of great value to them, golfers and the clients. “We believe words like ‘environmentally sustainable’ and ‘natural’ have an honest meaning beyond marketing,” says Spogárd.