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58 COMPANIES A-Z Tee-2-Green PO Box 250 Hubbard OR 97032 USA Contact: Jodi Crosby, General Manager Tel: +1 503 263 0730 For over 50 years, the growers and owners of Tee 2-Green have provided the most innovative and premium bentgrasses for your golf course. Tee-2-Green’s bentgrasses provide great quality and purity with groundbreaking varieties bred to improve playability, resist diseases and tolerate extreme conditions. Tee-2-Green is a grower-owned company and the exclusive marketer of industry-leading bentgrasses for golf course greens, tees and fairways, including the revolutionary Penn’s and Pure’s high-performance varieties. Its other bentgrass varieties include Crystal BlueLinks, Pure Distinction, Pure Select and more. These products each uniquely help create championship conditions and legendary courses around the world. Topturf Irrigation Unit L Rudford Industrial Estate Ford Road Ford Arundel West Sussex BN18 0BF UK Contact: Joanne Price, Executive Assistant Tel: +44 1903 278240 Incorporated in 2000, family run company Topturf Irrigation has developed into one of the leading irrigation installation and service support contractors in the UK. The company is based in Sussex and offer a diverse range of bespoke services in the UK for golf courses, racecourses, sports stadia, tennis and hockey, schools and universities, and parks and gardens. Topturf’s servicing department has developed an excellent reputation for providing an efficient, reliable and trustworthy service by highly qualified service engineers. The company knows that response times are vital as well as a fast and thorough resolution of any problems that have occurred. Topturf offers a range of service contracts to suit all your needs.