Golf Course Architecture - Green Pages 2024

achieved. The architectural design must, importantly, stack up as a great course to play and so far, feedback has been very good.” The irrigation system at Druids Glen hadn’t been updated since the course was opened nearly 30 years ago and didn’t meet modern standards. For its replacement, course manager Jonathan Bradshaw and owners Neville Hotels selected the Rain Bird IC System with CirrusPRO Central Control software. Wardle designed an irrigation system with double and triple row coverage on fairways at specific holes. Over 1,000 Rain Bird 752 and 900/950 Series rotors were installed across the course with isolation valves that allow irrigation to a specific green or fairway to be shut off when needed. “We’re irrigating a much greater area of maintained turf and while we don’t pay for water extraction, using less water overall means using less power which saves money,” said Bradshaw. “CirrusPRO is very easy to use, and its real-time interface alerts us immediately if anything isn’t working properly. Whether I’m on my phone, tablet or the PC, there is access to the full central control software giving instant control and reliability. The new system is dependable, giving us everything Rain Bird promised it could. Financially, the long-term benefit is in time saved.” In addition to the new irrigation system, the renovation project also saw 20 greens reshaped, tiered and extended, new tee boxes and bunkers renovated and repositioned. Upgrades were also made to drainage and pathways. “Our approach as designers was re-imagining the course, taking a completely fresh look, working with what was already arresting topography to create a more interesting and dramatic blend of features,” said Lynch. “The course was aesthetically reshaped to be more visually attractive, open and appealing, using the angles of the sun, the light and shadows, as a landscape painter might do.” Bradshaw adds: “It’s a privilege to work at one of Ireland’s top courses. As it’s a family business with buy-in from the top down, we all share the same ethos.” For more on Rain Bird, turn to page 51, or visit The new Rain Bird irrigation system at Druids Glen allows a greater level of control and reliability 9