Golf Optimum

26/12 rue de la Noyera
Michel Niedbala, Golf Course Architect
Phone: 06 72 90 80 93

“One of the challenges of our contemporary societies is the need to reconnect with nature by enabling every member of society to feel that they are part of the natural world, of a living, complex and dynamic whole,” says Michel Niedbala.

Niedbala approaches each golf project with the aim of addressing the diverse needs of the people, whether they be regular users, occasional users such as tourists, able-bodied users or those with a disability.

“Certain ideas of mine reflect this philosophy: walking trails, arboretums, fishing areas, wetlands, educational workshops for schools, picnic areas and playgrounds, all of which provide opportunities to develop a quality relationship with nature in both its wilder and more cultivated forms, and to adapt nature for this purpose,” says Niedbala.

The architect aims to establish consultation with those directly and indirectly involved, with the aim of optimising the objectives being sought and the solutions provided. He works with many environmental associations that carry out detailed research on local biodiversity and have precious resources at their disposal, which can be applied to the project to varying degrees and at different levels.

Industry focus
  • Course Design Services, Products and Systems


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