InfraCore Golf Bridges

Oostdijk 25
3077 CP Rotterdam
Matthijs Raak, General Manager
Phone: 010 476 5858

InfraCore Golf Bridges: safe and non-slip forever. The bridges require no maintenance, last for more than 100 years and are made with InfraCore technology.

Over 1,000 bridges with InfraCore Inside have already been realised. These fully prefabricated bridges are constructed by InfraCore manufacturers all over the world. Due to their light weight, the smart bridges are easy to transport and can easily be installed or even relocated without damaging the golf course. InfraCore technology allows for maximum design freedom.

The company delivers InfraCore Golf Bridges to a client’s specific brief: in every colour, width, length, and curve, with every desired handrail system. And of course, the company can easily add logos too! “Do you have specific ideas about the shape and colour of the bridge? Feel free to challenge us.”

Industry focus
  • Water Management Products and Services


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