Harradine Golf

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Al Najoum Bldg
United Arab Emirates
Peter Harradine, Senior Architect
Phone: +971 4 265 3543

Albert Hockey, Peter’s step-grandfather, remodelled his first course in 1920. Don Harradine, Peter’s father, designed his first layout in 1929 and pursued an illustrious career until his retirement in the mid 1980s. Peter Harradine represents the third generation of golf course architects. Harradine Golf’s services include: general zoning plans and golf course layouts that consider environmental, ecological and commercial sustainability; 3D visualisations and fly-throughs; tender documents; detailed designs; construction drawings, specifications and building permits; bills of quantities; and budget pricing for new layouts and/or upgrading of existing courses including the supervision of the construction and maintenance.

Harradine Golf has designed, constructed, remodelled and supervised the construction of more than 200 golf course projects in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. These courses are situated in every type of terrain, from arid, rocky, dry, hot and saline deserts, to wet, humid, temperate and cold grasslands, wetlands, swamps, mountains, waste tips, agricultural fields, coastal regions and altitudes of 1,850 metres. Many Harradine Golf courses have won numerous awards and host yearly PGA tournaments. Harradine Golf always finds sustainable ecological solutions but creates courses for golfers, not unplayable monuments to ecology. The integration of a golf course within a site is like a heart transplant – the site must not reject it.

Industry focus
  • Course Design Services, Products and Systems
  • Land Planning Services, Systems and Real Estate Related Items