Mingay Golf Course Design

832 Dovercourt Road
M6H 2X3
Jeff Mingay, Golf Course Architect
Phone: (519) 564-3225

Golf course architecture is deeply rooted in tradition. But the greatest courses represent points of departure. While using the past for inspiration is important, the most successful golf course architects attempt to better the golf course’s role in the world.

Since opening his own studio in 2009, Jeff Mingay has led golf course design and construction projects throughout Canada and the United States, including the rehabilitation of a number of historic layouts. Mingay's tailored his practice to be intimate, to provide creative, thoughtful, personal service to clients. Mingay believes that an architect’s involvement across every phase of a project is crucial to ensure that nothing gets lost in translation and each job is completed on time and on budget.

"Inspired by tradition and a lifelong love for golf, I'm driven by unique challenges and strive to create revolutionary courses that provide golfers with memorable experiences and my clients with a sustainable foundation for future successes," says Mingay. "To experience a revolutionary work of golf course architecture is to journey to the near future by way of the past."

Industry focus
  • Construction Services, Products and Materials
  • Course Design Services, Products and Systems
  • Land Planning Services, Systems and Real Estate Related Items


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