Southwest Greens Construction

Weiland 1 D
6666 MH
Kevin Holinaty, President and International Sales Director
Phone: 06 16582787

Southwest Greens Construction is the specialised installation company of Southwest Greens International, responsible for all major projects for the Southwest Greens brand globally since 2007. Southwest Greens International is considered the global leader in the sales, design, installation and maintenance of synthetic turf systems for the golf market. Since 1996 the company has installed and maintained projects around the world. It has a worldwide sales and installation presence and offers a variety of concepts for the home market and professional market. SGC divides its focus in a four-unit structure to apply the correct synthetic turf solutions: golf courses, entertainment venues, practice academies, and boutique golf concepts for exclusive resorts or homes. SGC is a pioneer in the development of synthetics and engineering solutions in response to the changing demands and needs of the golf industry. In each of these business units, new solutions are emerging, with synthetic turf systems being a big part of the innovative growth. SGC has developed a complete line of product systems that solve so many challenges for venues within each of these business units.

Industry focus
  • Construction Services, Products and Materials
  • Course and Range Equipment
  • Land Planning Services, Systems and Real Estate Related Items


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