Southwest Greens Construction

Southwest Greens Construction
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Southwest Greens International is a global leader in the sales, design, installation and maintenance of synthetic golf solutions. Since 1996 the company has installed more than 20,000 projects around the world in different climates. It has a worldwide sales and installation presence and offers a variety of concepts for golf courses and the leisure industry.

Southwest Greens Construction is the global construction arm of Southwest Greens International, which is responsible for all major commercial construction works for the Southwest Greens organisation. The Southwest Greens product is designed to customers’ specifications and backed by its experience in the proper evaluation, design and execution during the installation process. Southwest Greens Construction carefully considers all variables for the correct installation of a top-quality golf green including drainage, shaping, slopes that integrate seamlessly with the surrounding land, and correct grades installed to precise measurements. Focusing its efforts on the installation process rather than the supply of synthetic turf, Southwest Greens Construction has developed one of the most experienced construction teams in the industry. The combination of the construction team’s experience and the best in class materials ensures that the end product delivered by Southwest Greens to its clientele is second to none.

Industry focus
  • Construction Services, Products and Materials
  • Course and Range Equipment
  • Land Planning Services, Systems and Real Estate Related Items