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The Waste2Water Recycling Wash-Off System ensures environmental stewardship, contributes to sustainability and assists with planning applications. The system treats all the potential pollutants caused by golf maintenance operations and provides a wash facility for all equipment. Refuelling, degreasing, chemical mixing and other potentially harmful activities can all be undertaken on the pad, removing any risk of groundwater pollution. The system converts the contaminants to clean water, which is stored for continual reuse, reducing wash water usage by 90 per cent.

Waste2Water provides the answer for many countries where water shortage is a major problem. It also provides an essential solution in places where it is a criminal offence to allow certain substances, such as mineral oils, detergents and chemicals, to enter surface drains, watercourses or soakaways.

Waste2Water designs, supplies and installs everything needed to create an individual Wash Pad Environmental Activity Centre, including recycling wash-off systems, chemical stores, chemical mixing tanks, diesel fuel stations and above ground petrol tanks.

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