Golf Club Managers' Association

Bristol and Clifton Golf Club
Beggar Bush Lane
United Kingdom
Mike Hyde
Phone: +44 1275 391153

The Golf Club Managers’ Association (GCMA) is the leading authority in golf club management dedicated to delivering progressive, industry specific education programmes and networking opportunities, while also offering high quality personal services and support for the development of its membership.

Through its training programmes, professional support, monthly member’s magazine, an information library and 24/7 legal services, the GCMA supports golf club managers deliver excellence in day to day operations and lead the way to development of golf club managers and secretaries to fulfil their potential.

The GCMA currently supports more than 1,800 golf managers and secretaries, and their clubs, through a network incorporating a national head office in Bristol and 16 regions spread throughout the UK.

Membership of the Golf Club Managers’ Association is perfect for individuals who work within a golfing facility or who are, or aspire to be, highly competent golf club managers.

Industry focus
  • Consultants and Advisors
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