CDP teams up with Harley Kruse to advise The Kew in Melbourne

  • Kew
    Brendan James / Golf Australia

    CDP and Kruse Golf have prepared a course masterplan for The Kew in Melbourne

  • Kew
    Brendan James / Golf Australia

    The firms will work together on course revisions over the coming years

Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

Mike Clayton and Lukas Michel of Clayton, DeVries & Pont (CDP) and Kruse Golf have prepared a golf course masterplan for The Kew Golf Club in Melbourne, Australia.

“Kew is one of several Melbourne courses located along the Yarra River,” said Clayton. “Our plan aims to rectify some of the problems resulting from a freeway which was built through the edge of the original course in the early 1970s. It’s a beautiful place to play and follows architectural principles similar to those so wonderfully exemplified across town at Royal Melbourne.”

Kruse and CDP are already working together at Royal Perth and Wembley Golf Course.

“It is becoming increasingly clear that our two teams’ skillsets are highly complementary,” said Kruse. “At Kew, it will be the sum of ongoing incremental improvements to course architecture, vegetation, and drainage that will make the golf so much better for the next generations of members.”

Mat Loughnane, CEO at The Kew, said: “Working with Harley Kruse and Mike Clayton has already become an exciting journey. Their expertise, passion, and vision for creating exceptional golfing experiences is truly unmatched. What has most impressed us is their ability to quickly identify the small but fundamental design flaws in the course and, through an exhaustive process, provide innovative design solutions. The club looks forward to the journey of course improvements ahead.”