Changes being made to third hole at Bishop’s Stortford Golf Club

  • Lovely Golf Course

    The changes to the bunkering on the third hole was suggested by architect Alan Walker

  • Lovely Golf Course

    The project forms part of a wider series of renovations to the course at Bishop’s Stortford

  • Lovely Golf Course

    The greenside bunkers on the third hole were reworked last year

Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

A project to renovate the golf course at Bishop’s Stortford Golf Club in Hertfordshire, UK, is moving at a pace, with the focus currently on the third hole.

Architect Alan Walker is overseeing the work, and previously carried out an audit of the course in which he suggested a number of alterations.

The project is currently about a third of the way through, and at present the work is focused on bunkers on the third hole.

Previously, the par five third hole was home to four fairway bunkers. Walker suggested moving and redesigning these bunkers to better accommodate modern playing standards, as well as creating an additional bunker.

The relocated fairway bunkers will be at a distance which will affect the drive of stronger players, but are unlikely to affect the tee shot of a player with a higher handicap.

A similar project on the third hole’s greenside bunkers took place last year. The style of bunker used here (pictured) is set to be replicated throughout the course.

The new bunkers are currently under construction, and will feature Bunker Blinder material. The construction work is being carried out by Ely Construction.